Yoga Cards for Children - Краси Харуел - Цена: 20.00 лв.

Yoga Cards for Children

Краси Харуел

Yoga Cards for Children
Цена: 20.00 лв.
Код на продукта: 223033
Автор: Краси Харуел
Издателство: Издание на автора
Височина: 160 мм.
Широчина: 100 мм.
Страници: 27
Тегло: Гр.
ISBN: 9780996912907
Подвързия: Мека

Yoga Cards for Children - Краси Харуел

A beautiful, fun and inspiring deck of 27 cards to get little yogis moving and laughing. Each card depicts an original illustration of a yoga pose and the animal/shape that inspired it. Each pose is accompanied by a short poem to inform, engage and lift the young spirit.Krassi Harwell has been teaching yoga since 2003. She received her teacher training at Prashanti Kutiram in Bangalore, India. She has had the privilege to share her love of yoga with little yogis all over the world – from the Himalaya Mountains to the beaches of Hawaii, but mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area. Krassi started practicing yoga as a child herself and has experienced first-hand the many benefits that a yoga practice brings to a child’s life. Her own two children enjoy having fun with yoga poses and were valued consultants on this project.Mila Popnedeleva-Genova is an illustrator and author of books for children. The mother of an eleven-year old boy, Mila is thrilled to co-create a project that offers so many benefits to little ones. She hopes that her playful animal illustrations will entice children to try moving their bodies in new ways and will offer them some fun activities away from computers and smartphones. Откъс:
I am a hippo, I like to lounge and snort.
My favorite thing is a nap,
So please, don’t cut it short!I am a butterfly, beautiful and light.
Sometimes I rest gently,
Sometimes I’m lost in flight. I bring my hands from heart to sky,
Then I bow and say, “Thank you, Earth,”
With a deep long sigh. "
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